Foldability Inspired

Standing at a full capacity similar in size to a car battery, this foldable carry case is constructed from composite EVA material offering the flexibility to fold down to a compact 1.5 inches or the size of a book. This is snug enough to fit in a car seat pocket or as an added bag for easy day-tripping when travelling. The EVA material is so strong it can hold up to 5 lb of weight which is the average weight for all your daily essentials.

Carry with Ease

At only 17 ounces the carry case is lightweight enough to keep your aeroplane luggage bill cheap. And because of its strong holding capacity of 5 lb and a lid carry handle, the carry case is easy to hold and transport even when at full capacity. Plus, with the addition of a flat-bottom and square size, the case is worry-free when you put it down as you know it cannot fall over and get dirty.

Large Capacity

At a carrying capacity of 135 ounces you can use the case for multiple uses, such as to store and carry your electronics, cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, and food all in one bag. Its flat bottom allows you to maximise its 5lb carry weight capacity by placing items inside securely and safely.

Protection Assured

The padded interior layer is made from aluminium foil which is impervious to moisture, light, and bacteria, keeping your possessions dry and clean from dirt, dust, and rain. Plus, it is easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth. And because it’s padded, the interior lining is designed to keep your encased possessions injury-free from knocks and drops.

UV LED Light

The UVA, UVB and UVC emitting light is a unique feature. Weak enough to produce light to find your possessions and strong enough to tan exposed skin. Turn the light On or OFF at your discretion.

Power it from Anywhere

The Carry Case is powered by a fast-charge 5-volt USB cord. Plug in to power the UV light from your laptop, power bank or USB power socket.